Factory Authorized Raymond Parts

Choosing the right parts for your lift trucks is a simple choice with Raymond Parts.

Raymond Parts help your trucks outperform and outlast other brands.

 When you choose factory authorized Raymond Parts you'll see results with superior quality and reliable parts performance. Reducing service saves you time and money, which improves your bottom line.

Authorized Raymond Parts go through a series of tests to give you the best quality, exceeding industry standards. All of this, plus a one year warranty.

factory authorized Raymond Parts

RayBuilt® Parts

RayBuilt® Remanufactured Parts perform like new.

 RayBuilt® remanufactured parts are an affordable alternative when you're looking for an economical solution that doesn't sacrifice quality and dependability.

At our RayBuilt Center we focus our efforts on achieving the same quality standards as are applied to Raymond original equipment parts. Specializing in motors and drive units, we rigorously test and inspect each unit.



And Raymond stands by its RayBuilt Parts by offering a motor warranty of one year or 2,080 hours. In fact, we are so confident of the quality we guarantee our RayBuilt® parts for six months. If during that time a RayBuilt part fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, you'll receive a free replacement.

After all, each RayBuilt part carries The Raymond Corporation name.

RayBuilt Motor
  • One year or 2080 hours warranty.
  • Components are thoroughly cleaned with damaged or worn parts replaced with new.
  • Commutators are undercut, polished, and turned to within .001" concentricity to minimize brush bounce and wear.
  • End bells are milled to accept a tolerance ring to extend life.
  • Brushes and springs are replaced. Electric grade bearings are used for durability.
  • Type "H" varnish improves insulation from heat and contaminants for armatures and coils.

RayBuilt Motor

RayBuilt Drive Unit
  • New gears, shafts, bearings, shims, grease fittings, seals, thrust rings and radial rings.
  • Minimizing wear and extending unit lift through inspection of thrust rings, edge locators and ball bearing channels.
  • Backlash and endplay dimensions generally exceed original equipment specifications.

RayBuilt Drive Unit

RayBuilt Caster

  • Parts are replaced with new bearings, races, wheels, springs, bolts, sleeves, grease fittings, nuts, bolts, cotter pins and washers.
  • Pivots are milled, drilled and refaced or replaced with new.
  • Caster spring compression is set to original specifications.

RayBuilt Caster

RayBuilt Motor Controllers

  • Upgrade to latest revision.
  • Load tested to maximum voltage and current ratings.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • In stock availability.

RayBuilt Motor Controllers


Choosing the right parts for your lift truck fleet should be simple to do.

Need parts for a mixed fleet? Why look to multiple outlets when our LiftPartners® program, combined with Raymond parts, can provide you with a single source for all your lift truck parts.

Regardless of make or model we have the right parts for your truck fleet. With access to Raymond factory authorized parts and more than 2 million competitive parts, we're sure to have the right part for you.

To learn more about parts for non-Raymond trucks just give as a call.

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